100% Organic and Natural Brand – NEEK

NEEK is an Australian brand, known for being 100% natural organic and free from animal testings. They believe that what skin needs is very simple and can be found in a natural environment. This concept inspired them to create makeup and skincare products; all of their products are vegan, with all natural ingredients to improve the health of the skin and slow down the process of ageing skin. In addition to their all-natural ingredients, their packaging also completely free from harmful chemicals and uses 100% recyclable packaging ingredients so that the products they produce are environmentally friendly and guilt free! Speaking of packaging, their packaging is really good and beautiful. It has attracted a lot of instagrammers to take photos of the product on their social media platforms.

There are quite a lot of brands out there on the market use natural ingredients, but their effectiveness is not obvious, but NEEK has made it a real pleasure to indulge in natural beauty.

Let us introduce two NEEK products today.

1) NEEK Skin Organics 100% Natural Vegan Lipstick

It contains Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and antioxidant vitamin E. This lipstick moisturises your lips. The texture is light and shiny. After applying the lips, it instantly brighten your face and make you look more spiritual. This series has different colours. I like the colours in Sunsets myself. With a coral colour, it’s a natural choice to coat your lips naturally and comfortably.

2) NEEK Skin Organics Skincare These Days Active Face Moisturiser 50ml

Finding a truly moisturising all-natural moisturiser can be difficult, but NEEK’s products can help you. Its ingredients are organic and natural to ensure that your skin feels moisturised and hydrated every day. It is rich in Kakadu Plum and coconut oil, moisturising the skin without leaving a greasy feeling. It also contains a variety of natural ingredients, such as extracts of Hibiscus syriacus, which help to promote skin repair and rejuvenate the skin. This moisturiser can also be used as a makeup primer. Applying makeup after use can make you have an flawless makeup.

Carrie Lam

Carrie Lam

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