New Brand in 2017 – Avant Skincare

New Brand in 2017 – Avant Skincare

Avant Skincare is the new brand on lookfantastic. They are a British brand, they are known for their effective ingredients. They promise to provide their customers the safest but most effective products. Their products can be divided into four series to meet different needs:

1) Age Defy+Range

Suitable for dry, sensitive and tired skin with early signs of ageing. This series can effectively fight against oxidation and aging.

One of the best-selling products is Avant Skincare Anti-Ageing Gylcolic Lifting Face and Neck Mask. It can significantly reduce wrinkles, while effectively targeting oily and acne-prone skin, helping to cleanse the skin to achieve a smooth and firm effect.

2) Age Radiance Range

Suitable for all skin types, this series aims to brighten and moisturise skin, leaving skin with a natural glow. Not only does deep moisturising can make skin healthier, it can also reduce wrinkles and fine lines at the same time.

The best-selling product in this series is Pro-Intense Hyaluronic Acid Illuminating Day Cream. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a very effective moisturising ingredient and I believe many people have heard of it. This product contains this ingredient and a variety of skin-friendly ingredients obtained from seawater. Therefore, it has a very long-lasting hydration while reducing wrinkles, allowing you to maintain a beautiful and youthful skin, which is the first choice for many people.


3) Age Nutri-Revive Range

This series is also suitable for all skin types of people, but especially for people with enlarged pores, uneven colour, dry and dull skin. The product is mainly to help tired skin regain its spirit and minimise pores. The best-known and best-selling product is their Gentle Rose Beautifying Face Exfoliant. This exfoliating product can achieve a deep cleansing effect, and can effectively reduce the pores. One of its constituents is rose, which is super moisturising, and helps calm your skin and reduce redness and skin discomfort.

4)Age Restore Range

This series is mainly for combined and oily skin, with innovative technology to moisturise and balance the skin tone. The best known is the Avant Skincare Moisture Surge Overnight Treatment.

A lot of oily skin is due to lack of moisture, this product focuses on moisturising, repair and protect the skin, so that the skin can feel hydrated for a long period of time and in the meanwhile to reduce excess oil and the damage caused by UV on the skin. Additionally, the product contains vitamins A and E, keeping the skin young and firm.

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Carrie Lam

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