Double Cleansing with Erno Laszlo

Double Cleansing with Erno Laszlo

Face cleaning is the most important step in our everyday skincare routine. Erno Laszlo An American high-end brand that advocates double cleansing, using its Cleansing Oil and Cleansing Bar to achieve the best and most ideal double cleansing results. Because my skin is a bit dry and sensitive, I chose a blue series, which is designed specifically for sensitive and dry skin.

Double Cleansing, as the name implies, of course involves two steps:

1) Cleansing Oil

The first step of Erno Laszlo’s Double Cleansing is to use the cleansing oil to cleanse the skin. Just pour it onto your face and massage it in your skin with a circular motion. It helps remove dirt from the pores, thus purifying and soothing the skin. In addition, it also has a firming effect. Most of Erno Laszlo’s products are categorised by colour. Each colour represents a different function. The blue series provides firming effect. In addition to purifying the skin, it can also be used to remove makeup. I often use it to remove makeup, it leaves my skin very clean!

2) Cleansing Bar

Don’t wash your face just yet after using the cleansing oil. Place the cleansing bar into warm water and apply on your skin with circular motion. Erno Laszlo Firmarine Face Bar contains precious Spirulina Maxima Spirulina extract, and a variety of amino acids, provides a good repair to the skin. Additionally, it fully enhances the skin’s defence against the external environment, in the process of cleansing the skin, it also soothes, calms and fully firms the skin, including vitamins C, E and olive oil pure vegetable oil, it greatly nourishes the skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Although the two products can be used separately, the combination of the two is more effective. Fully cleanses the skin, resulting in easier absorption of further skincare products. I really recommend these two products for everyone’s use. Because many facial cleansing products will result in a tightened feeling or irritation on the skin (especially sensitive skin), but this set of series not only does not feel tight, it also does not irritate the skin. After use, it feels clean, refreshing, and moisturised. So it’s definitely worth a try!

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Carrie Lam

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