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Dr. Lancer

Dr. Lancer
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Dr. Lancer is known as a skincare star, even celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian are his clients. Although I don't live in Hollywood and don't have the opportunity to visit his clinic, I was lucky enough to have a skin consultation with him through Skype asking him about keeping a healthy complexion and the secret of having “Lancer flares”.

Dr. Lancer's recommended skin care program is new and revolutionary. He recommends exfoliating daily to effectively remove stubborn dirt, grease, and impurities. The situation is just like building a road. If you want to lay out the surface of the road, you will not directly pave on the road. You will need to remove every gravel and clean the road before you pave. Dr. Lancer thinks the skin is the same. By removing dead skin cells, the skin will be completely clean, so that the skin tone will look better and healthier.

My genetics and family ancestry

The first topic discussed with Dr. Lancer's first consultation was my genetic and family origin. It's as if you wouldn't go into the surgery room without first talking to your doctor about your family health, so the skin care should be the same. For instance white people may also have dark-skinned ancestors, which also explains different problems and needs of white skin. In my case, Dr. Lancer's diagnosis of my ancestors belonged to No. 1 in Lancer's race list, which is of Northern European descent, has white skin that is prone to sunburn, and is partially sensitive. This means that when I try new products, I have to slowly and gradually change them one by one, and I also need to be extra careful about the damage of the sun to the skin. Skin pedigree is very important for understanding the real needs of the skin and choosing the right products and treatments.

Dr. Lancer formula

According to my lineage and history, Dr. Lancer recommended a range of products and treatments to achieve a brighter complexion. First, he recommended Sensitive Polish, because exfoliation sometimes causes too much irritation to my skin, so it is recommended to use a sensitive version that can exfoliate at the same time mild. He then suggested that the normal skin of Cleanse and Nourish complete the skin care routine and maintain healthy skin.

Using the Polish in a shower is better than using it in the sink. Whether you use it in the shower in the morning or at night, you will see obvious results. - Dr. Lancer

He also advised me to add Advanced C Radiance Cream in the morning skincare routine a few weeks later to help wake my skin and add essential vitamins to my skin during the cold winter.

I asked Dr. Lancer if Retinol was a very important ingredient for maintaining a youthful skin. He replied yo me that retinol is an important ingredient for maintaining even and balanced skin tone. His Younger Pure Youth Serum is specially formulated to provide retinol to the skin in mild form, even sensitive skin.

Now go to and purchase Dr. Lancer's skin care line to achieve that Lancer Light!


Team LF
Writer and expert
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