Smile Makers: Bringing you good vibes…

Women should not feel ashamed when it comes to sexual pleasure. Smile Makers feels the same on this issue and is on a mission to normalise the perception of sexual well-being products – one orgasm at a time.

Designed to fulfil the needs and desires of women across the world, Smile Makers has created a beautiful and colourful line of vibrators and lubricants. What’s more, is that these sex toys have been created based on real insight into women’s stereotypical fantasies – Fireman, Frenchman, Millionaire… So, imagine Smile Makers as a disappointment-free boyfriend!

Let me introduce you to them:

1. The Millionaire

The most popular and multi-talented millionaire is suitable for clitoral stimulation and also internally. With multiple speeds to play with, you can explore ways that is pleasurable uniquely to you.

2. The Frenchman

Uniquely designed to mimic the tongue, this oral vibrator is made from the softest silicone so that it is easily mouldable to any shape or form. Let those French lessons open you up to a whole new world!

3. The Surfer

Small in size, but powerful in strength! Soft, quiet, waterproof, and compact, the rounded head and textured fins allows for full control and precise clitoral stimulation. Time to ride on waves of pleasure…

4. The Fireman

The design of this vibrator aims to stimulate an often overlooked area that is highly sensitive – the clitoris and vulva. Discover your external pleasure points from areas you never thought of as sexual! It’s time to turn up the heat…

5. The Tennis Coach

Aim for the G-spot with the ergonomically designed rounded and flexible neck of this vibrator. Created to stimulate both externally and internally, find your perfect spot.

Reach new “highs” with Smile Makers’ safe and waterproof products, filled with positive messaging and pleasure.

Carman Wong

Carman Wong

Beauty Editor

As someone who’s still figuring out their perfect skincare routine, I’m always on the lookout for good products. I love discovering a product that works for me and being able to share this with my friends and colleagues.

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