Chantecaille is not just a brand; it is a legacy. Born from one generation to be passed on to the next. Their goal is to set a standard in the world of cosmetics while spreading awareness on global issues.

This legacy is built from the collaboration of an entire family. Sylvie Chantecaille, the French matriarch and founder of the company, is the heart, whereas her two daughters, Olivia and Alex, bring both the creativity and the passion. The men of Chantecaille also play a valuable role. Sylvie's son, Philippe, is technology savvy and handles the digital presence while her husband, Olivier, has the numbers mindset and spearheads the finances. When these diverse personalities combine together, they form the dynamic power that is Chantecaille.

This family strives to create the most preeminent products for their valued customers. From remote fields in the south of France to laboratories leading the way in scientific innovation, Chantecaille creates products they believe in. They only provide the most luxurious quality, smells and textures.

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As one of the most luxurious skincare cosmetics brand in the industry, Chantecaille are leaders when it comes to high-quality and results-driven beauty. Each product is inspired by the desire to create unique and innovative formulations, whilst being environmentally aware of the world around them. Founded by Sylvie Chantecaille, the brand now has creative direction from her daughters, Olivia and Alex, making this global beauty brand a true family affair. What's more, Chantecaille pay real attention to the global issues facing us today and create limited edition cosmetic collections inspired by an array of different animals, where a portion of proceeds go towards various ecological charities throughout the world. 

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