A New Generation of Highly Effective Face Cleanser – Hylamide

A New Generation of Highly Effective Face Cleanser – Hylamide

Hylamide is an amazing skincare brand, so when I had the opportunity to try the latest High-Efficiency Face Cleaner, I was looking forward to discovering all the features of this new product.

What is High-Efficiency Face Cleaner Product?

Hylamide High-Efficiency Face Cleaner

This cleansing product can be used to remove makeup while purifying your pores and moisturising the skin, leaving the skin feeling fresh and moisturised. Its natural oils remove dirt and makeup. It does not cause acne and is designed for everyday use. When used as a makeup remover, apply the product to dry face, massage it in, and rinse it with lukewarm water. For cleansing, apply directly to the wet face and rinse with warm water.


My Review

After seeing a lot of beauty bloggers and talents appraising High-Efficiency Face Cleaner, I have been eager to try it out. I used the High-Efficiency Face Cleaner for several weeks. It was different from all other cleansing products I had tried before. It felt like some lighter texture oils, almost like water, sliding over my face. It can completely dissolve all my makeup, including hard-to-remove mascara. What I like is that it will immediately wash away all the makeup and no longer need to use cloth or glove to wipe my face.

Personally, I liked to use cleansing oil to remove makeup. Until I tried this one, this one has become one of my favourite cleaning products. The biggest difference between it and other cleansing oils is that my face is completely free of oily feeling after use. Even before I use any essence or moisturising cream, my skin feels very refreshed and moisturised. I recently discovered that the water-oil balance in my oily T-Zone location has also improved significantly. High-Efficiency Face Cleaner has become an important member of my daily life and I really recommend it!


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