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5 Must-Have Products from NYX Professional Makeup

5 Must-Have Products from NYX Professional Makeup
Team LF
Writer and expert6 years ago
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Ever since NYX Professional Makeup opened a specialty store in Hong Kong, it has become a go-to cosmetic brand for many people. It is also one of the fastest growing brands in the cosmetics industry.

The brand's main positioning is its vivid eyeliner, colour and avant-garde tone. With an incredible formula, different skin colour essentials and original liquid lipstick, NYX Professional Makeup applies to all ages, genders and personalities.

5 NYX Professional Makeup Bestsellers

Almost all of NYX Professional Makeup's products have been somehow favoured by consumers, but the five products I want to introduce today are the 5 products that you must try. Trust us, you will not regret it!

1) Soft Matte Lip Cream

In recent years, matte lipsticks have entered the mainstream of the makeup industry. Especially in Europe and the United States, matte lipstick is a must-have item in every makeup-loving person's makeup bag. However, many matte lipsticks will feel dry after a while, and will even crack after a few hours, so many people (including myself) would avoid using matte lipstick for this reason.

But Soft Matte Lip Cream from NYX Professional Makeup won't make lips feel dry, and at the same time it can have a super-matte effect, which is my favourite lipstick. Ideal for those who like matte lip colour but do not like the dry feeling. In addition, it feels super light and creamy, has a hint of sweet scent on the lips, making it the first choice for many people and an absolutely necessity inside the makeup bag.

2) Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick

The Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick of NYX Professional Makeup is also a matte lipstick. The biggest difference from the one described above is that this lipstick is mainly based on nude colours, from the classic nude colour to nude colour with pink and dark brown. Thus, this Lipstick is very suitable for daily life makeup, especially for autumn and winter makeup.

Similarly, although it is a matte lipstick, the formula feels super creamy and does not feel dry when its on the lips. I would recommend it to everyone who loves nude lipsticks, and it is absolutely a must for autumn and winter makeup.

3)Colour Correcting Palette

Colour-correcting creams should be very familiar to everyone, but it is not very common for a plate like NYX Professional Makeup to include all colours. Instead of simply applying normal nude concealer to the skin, NYX Professional Makeup's Colour Correcting Palette uses six different colours to target different skin problems such as redness, dark circles, pigmentation, blemishes, dullness, and more.

Yellow:  Yellow helps brighten your skin, leaving your skin looking brighter. Use in dim places such as eye bags and wrinkles.

Green: Green can reduce redness, can be used to cover acne or sensitive areas.

Purple: Eliminates the yellow colour on the skin. If your skin looks tired, purple is the perfect fit.

Peach: Suitable for dark circles and spots, especially when you do not have enough sleep, peach is very useful to cover your dark eye circles.

Pink: Pink perfectly balances blemishes on the face, such as scars, to brighten the skin and make the skin look more shiny.

Brown: Brown is used to neutralise blue, if your dark circles are bluish, this colour can help you perfectly cover the dark circles.

4) Vivid Brights Eyeliner

The general eyeliner on the market is either black or brown, but if you want to use other colours in your everyday makeup, try Vivid Brights Eyeliners from NYX Professional Makeup. Because of the thinness of the eyeliner tip, the colour does not appear too pronounced on the face. Instead, it naturally makes the eye contour more visible and does not look 'too much'. Of course, if you like to have makeup with sharp and pronounced colours, this eyeliner can also achieve the effect you want! And there are many shades to choose from.

5) Dewy Makeup Setting Spray

I also introduced this make-up setting pray in another blog before, which is one of my favourite products. If you like dewy and glowing makeup, this makeup setting spray will become a regular product that sits in your makeup bag. Not only does it help you maintain your makeup long-term, it can also make you look full of glory and more spirit! So I highly recommend this product to you.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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