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Anti-Pollution Skincare

Anti-Pollution Skincare
Team LF
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In the recent years, pollution has become one of the most concerned issues in the beauty industry. As air pollution continues to increase, more and more people believe that environmental factors and air pollution can cause harmful effects on our skin. Especially in a city with a high air pollution index such as Hong Kong, air pollution has become a daily concern of ours; exposing our skin to various forms of pollution.

Everything from everyday traffic and outdoor sports to simply sitting at your desk can hurt your skin because outdoor and indoor pollutants can affect our healthy skin cells. Although we may often use UV protection products, our skin is still being affected by the pollutants floating in the air, causing dullness, acne and premature ageing.

People living in densely populated urban areas, such as Hong Kong, are more likely to be affected by air pollution, so we need to know the benefits of anti-pollution skin care products.

Anti-pollution skin care products

There are not many brands like OSKIA that is focused on the effects of air pollution on our skin. For six years, Oskia has been developing a series of high antioxidant skin care products in the laboratory. The CityLife line has a unique formula that protects your skin from both indoor and outdoor contamination. Enriched with key ingredients for specific pollutants, CityLife's line of products protect and soothe the skin, leaving it clean. Oskia CityLife Booster is the star product of the series. The ultra-concentrated formula provides unsurpassed skin protection and contains Oskia's microcapsules to mix vitamin B3 and EUK 134. The innovative self-regenerating molecule EUK 134 converts damaging hydrogen and oxygen radicals into water, protecting your skin from toxic effects.


One day in the city can cause more damages to the skin than you think. Exposure to UV light and everyday contaminants such as dust and impurities not only block the pores, but also causes long-term skin problems.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart Double Action Detox Peel Off Mask is a perfect product to remove all the dirt and contaminants you encounter on your skin. It can remove impurities and oils. In addition, it contains natural astringent mushroom extracts that can effectively minimise pores and make skin clearer and more refined. Further, it contains the powerful antioxidant idebenone and thio-acid, which protects the skin long-term and effectively against damage caused by environmental factors.

Anti-pollution cosmetics

The importance of protecting the skin from contamination has attracted more and more attention in the beauty industry, and more and more innovative hybrid products have been developed to help protect the skin. Sarah Chapman Skinesis Skin Insurance SPF30 can effectively protect the skin from the sun and the environment, and at the same time increase the tone your skin, balance your skin tone, and make the skin look more perfect. It helps to achieve the perfect foundation, which can be used as a foundation alone, or can be applied to the foundation to achieve a higher coverage. It contains a variety of ingredients to improve the skin, perfect and effective anti-pollution into your daily make-up steps.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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